Hydropeptide A Remarkable Anti-Aging Solution


Anti-aging has come a long way over the decades.

There are newer technologies, more benefits are being harnessed from natural ingredients and much more is being learned about the human body in general.

Hydro peptides (peptides for short) are one of the new technologies.

Our Skin

Most days, our skin is exposed to the external elements, that is to say, the weather and pollution.

And if that is not enough, there are the daily factors of stress, aging, loss of skin moisture and free radicals, all negatively impacting our skin.

Combine, they bring about older looking skin and maybe some wrinkles around the eyes or on the forehead.

Overtime the wrinkled areas expand so much that makeup cannot obscure the wrinkles.

Hydro Peptide Anti-Aging Creams

To counter the problem, there has been an influx of peptide creams. Its purpose is to reverse the effects of aging.

Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of hydro peptide and back up the accuracy of the claims made.

Many leading brands that utilize peptides have won industry awards due to its efficacy.

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are microscopic in size and are protein fragments; they are able to promote changes in our skin right down to the cellular level.

The claim is; peptides can stimulate our body to produce more collagen.

In essence this means that the use of peptides, will help in giving you a youthful appearance.

Other Types of Peptides

Copper Peptides – Copper peptides bring copper to our skin, they penetrate deep down into the skin and release the copper.

Copper has been known to have excellent skin healing properties.

They help to promote extra collagen growth, and combat free radicals in the skin cells.

Neuropeptides – The effects from neuropeptides have been likened to Botox; however, you would need a lot of it for the Botox effect.

Neuropeptides work by blocking the transmissions sent by your nerves to the muscles in your face.

It is said that a large amount will actually restrict muscle movement; this would result in smoother and firmer skin.

Stimulating The Body To Produce More Collagen

Our collagen levels drop like flies as we age, which leaves our skin looking saggy and full of wrinkles.

One common tactic to deal with this was to try and replace the collagen directly, this however failed quite dramatically.

It failed because it became obvious that the skin couldn’t absorb the large proteins, molecularly speaking.

Molecularly, collagen is large in size, making it difficult to be absorb through the skin.

A hydro peptide works differently, rather than trying to replace collagen, they stimulate the body to make more of it.

Most of the top skin care product brands now have a hydro peptide based product selection, we won’t name names but they are fairly common now.

We will say however, that if you are after some peptide based anti-aging creams, don’t always go for the most expensive, over marketed and over hyped brands.

There is only one reason why they are so expensive, and that is simply because they can be.

There are however, many cheaper brands that work just as well, and perhaps better.


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