Is Keratin A Heavenly Anti Aging Product


Have you heard of bio-active keratin?

It made the headlines some time ago. You might be interested to know what it can do for your skin.

A bio-active skin care product will likely contain functional keratin, due to its ability to keep us looking youthful.

If you read on we will explain further.

What is Bio-Active Keratin?

To understand what bio-active keratin is, we first need to know what natural keratin is.

Keratin is a structural protein found in our skin, hair and nails; it keeps all three organs (integumentary system) strong and in good health.

When a skin cream is promoted as a bio-active cream, it usually contains bio-active keratin (functional keratin).

Bio-active keratin is extracted and produced from sheep’s wool, unlike the form of keratin generally used in skin care products which is derived from cattle hooves and horns.

Bio-Active Keratin works by replenishing your skins cells, very much like the keratin produced by the body.

A substance is cited as bio-active when there is any form of interaction with cells in our body.

So What Are The Benefits Of Bio-Active Keratin?

Improves The Firmness Of Our Skin – Keratin perform a number of functions. One of its function is to help moist, and preserve the moisture inside the skin.

It greatly assists in keeping our skin firm too.

Encourages The Growth Of Newer Skin – As we add numbers to our age we lose numbers of our natural production of keratin.

This is why bio-active keratin is so important, it replace what we lack naturally.

Anti-Inflammatory Qualities – It has been proven in many studies to have excellent benefits against inflammation.

This means keratin is excellent at fighting and preventing conditions such as acne, eczema and dermatitis.

Anti-Oxidant – Keratin combat free radicals, due to its excellent anti-oxidant properties.

Free radicals damage the skin by attacking healthy skin cells. This is one of the cause of the aging of the skin.

When much of our cells are constantly bombarded by free radicals, then our skin ages faster.

Where To Find Bio-Active Skin Creams

There are a variety of skin creams that contain functional keratin, however, not all skin creams are equal and you will need to do your homework on the particular brands.

It would also be prudent to stay away from products that are not totally natural.

As they may contain ingredients that are potentially unhealthy and possibly lead to serious health issues.

Natural skin care products do not pose such risks and offer much better anti-aging benefits than the regular products.

A good bio-active skin cream will come with a solid money back guarantee, enabling you to tryout the product and be certain you are OK with it.

You can find the products in stores or online, though it is best to buy online.

The convenience of the internet allows you to research the product and read any available reviews.

Functional keratin is a wonderful discovery for skin care and will certainly be around for a while.


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