3 Things To Know About A Model Skin Care Routine


Are you tired of looking old and worn out?

Would you like to know the skin care secrets of models?

Well, first of all let’s just make something clear, no skin care will necessarily make you look like a model.

These men and women are usually blessed with good looks because they were born with it.

However, you can follow their skin care regimes to keep your skin, blemish and wrinkle free.

A models career depends hugely on how well they manage the care of their skin.

No matter how beautiful you are, if you don’t protect and care for what you have, you will lose it.

How Do Models Manage To Keep Their Skin So Fresh?

Well, being a model isn’t just about what you put on your face; a model has to keep in shape as well, and this forms the basis of keeping their skin so firm yet soft.

They watch what they eat, do regular workouts, avoid unhealthy habits and for most part, stay away from junk food.

That is the lifestyle to practice, should you want to enjoy skin as clear as theirs.

Treat your body as a temple and feed it the proper nourishment.

Kick the unhealthy habits, for example, drinking and smoking, as they are some of the worst causes of premature aging.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and exercise daily.

Keeping your body in good physical health will reward you with glowing skin.

Models Use Natural Skin Care Products

A model skin care regimen will always start with good general health, and incorporate great natural skin care products to assist their body in keeping aging at bay.

Wrinkles, fine lines and any of the signs of aging are what we all dread, models even more so.

Their careers can be on the line, one reason why they would invariably opt for the best natural products available.

It makes sense their model agencies, would encourage the use of natural skin care products due to the health risks associated with synthetic ingredients used in standard skin care products.

Of course, the use of natural skin care products would decrease the chance of a skin reaction for a photo shoot or any general public appearance.

What Are Some Of The Ingredients In These Natural Skin Creams?

Cynergy TK – This is what is known as a functional keratin. This is essential for the proteins in our skin, Collagen and Elastin; they slowdown in production as we get older.

We need extra keratin to increase the keratin levels.

Phytessence Wakame – Sea kelp from Japan with remarkable anti-aging properties.

It restricts the activity of our own naturally produced enzyme called hyaluronidase, the hyaluronidase breaks down our hyaluronic acids.

Phytessence wakame help maintain our skins elasticity and smoothness.

Another benefit of kelp is that it is loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals that are exceptionally healthy for our skin.

So as you can see, a model skin care regime begins with natural healthy foods, exercise, and ends with healthy natural skin care products.


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