Common Skin Health Tips With Proven Results


In today’s society, beauty has become the standard.

There is an increasing interest in personal grooming, creating a demand for men’s personal care products and beauty products for women.

Resulting in an implosion of new products for skin health into the market.

What is common between all of them are the promises and the claims on the labels.

The truth is, most skin care products do not deliver the stated claim.

Nevertheless, there are excellent products that do help in slowing down the aging process.

Skin care for healthy skin is more important now than ever before. Here, we will look at ways to go about managing skin health.

Why You Get Wrinkles?

As you age, the skin loses its elasticity and is therefore unable to bounce back to its normal state.

Think of your skin as an elastic band; over time the band becomes loosely stretched and never returns to its former shape.

This is the same for the skin covering your body, as the skin lose elastin and collagen proteins.

Both proteins are important for keeping the skin tight and youthful looking.

Genetics is thought to play a large part in wrinkles forming and it is likely you will inherit the genetic traits from your parents.

But there are also many additional factors when it comes to skin health, and they play a role in the damage of your skin in many ways, leaving it looking older than it is.

We will take a look at those factors:

Sun Damage– Did you know that if you avoided the sun your whole life, you would probably still be looking young at the age of 90!

Ultraviolet radiation from both the sun and tanning beds is very harmful to the skin.

Apart from being a factor in premature wrinkles, the sun is also responsible for age spots.

Personal Skin Care – If you don’t take care of your skin, your skin will not take care of you!

As you become older it is inevitable that your skin will gradually become dry and maybe flaky.

By not caring for your skin, the signs of aging will appear far more visible.

Smoking – It isn’t just your lungs that are damaged by smoking, your skin is too.

Studies have shown that smoking contributes to skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

It might be possible that smoking plays a role in specific types of skin cancer.

Delay The Onset Of Aging

Although aging is unavoidable, there are ways in which you can have some control over the appearance of your skin as you get older.

Good skin health is important and by following some guidelines, you can check the aging process. Here are the guidelines:

  • Use Sun-Block When Out In The Sun
  • Use Only Natural Skin Care Products
  • Take Supplements Such As Omega-3
  • Eat A Healthy Diet
  • Do Not Smoke
  • Drink Plenty Of Water

Following the above guidelines will certainly help in the care of your skin.

When it comes to the care of your skin; should you notice anything irregular such as, sudden changes in the appearance or color of your skin, a visit to the dermatologist should follow.


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